New Backpacks From Element+Nixon+Volcom

Posted: August 8, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Just arrived, Element, Nixon and Volcom backpacks especially ordered for those returning to school in the fall.  Now you gotta ask yourself what type of bag you’re looking for?

Stylish packs for guys and girls? Of course we do, this is SIDEWAYS!

Skate bags? You know it!

Laptop bags? Yup, we got ’em.

You Surf? We got them surf sacks brah!

Tons of styles and colors, com in and check’em out.

Element Mohave red blk blue




This is just a lil’ taste. Come see the rest.

Volcom bags in tons of colors for as low as $44.95 

Large selection of Element bags for $54.95.

All Nixon bags are backed by a 30-year warranty.


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