Von Zipper Porkchop

Posted: October 20, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Pork chops are awesome on the BBQ, but on your eyes? Over a helmet? Well according to the designers at the good ol’ VZ they are!

Picture 2

Porkchop featured in Synchro Red with Bronze Chrome Lens

These goggles are specially designed to fit perfectly over a helmet without frame distortion. Great For Snowboarders, Snowmobilers, Downhill Skiers, Extreme GT’ers, Zip Line Enthusiasts, or Gnarly Winter BBQers.

Other features include:

Thermo-Polyurethane Frame – Remains Flexible In Even The Coldest Conditions

Dual Layer, Anti-Fog Coated Cylindrical Lens – Crystal Clear Vision In All Conditions

Wide Peripheral Vision – You Can See EVERYTHING

100% UV Protection – Protects Your Peepers

Extended Outriggers For A Perfect Helmet Fit – Snowmobile Helmets Included

Integrated Forward Lens Venting For Maximum Air Circulation – No More Foggin!

Moisture Wicking, Fleece Lined, Triple Density Face Foam – Not Scratchy On Your Cold Cheeks

Dual-Adjustable, Silicone Lined Strap – Stays On Your Head When You’re Trying Whip-Dees or Fling-Flungs!

We have these in tons of colors.



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