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On behalf of the staff at Sideways I’d like to wish all our customers and their families a very merry Christmas. Now for the some exciting news.

SIDEWAYS and Mike Tyson are proud to present our BOXING DAY BLOW-OUT Dec. 27-29

25% OFF
– 2010 Outerwear from Volcom
– Bags
-Selected Dresses & Tops
– Great for New Year’s
-Holiday Clothing
– Von Zipper Goggles
-Selected Back Packs and Ladies Bags

40% OFF
– Fall Tee’s
– Denim
– Footwear
– Hoodies
– Sunglasses from Von Zipper
-Selected Back Packs and Ladies Bags

– Nixon Watches
– Skate Goods

More Specials In-Store

Store Hours Monday-Saturday 10:00a.m. to 5:30p.m.

Lame on the posts, not even any pics. Back on schedule in the new year, we’ll have lots to tell you about. Here’s our way of saying sorry. Or our Xmas gift to you.


We’ve got a solid selection from Volcom, Element, Nixon, WeSC and others for men and women. Pullover, Zip-up, even some button-up styles. Color? Full spectrum. Come check’em out.

Open till 9p.m. Mon-Wed.

***Sorry Sale Does NOT Apply to Lay-Away or Previously Reduced Items***

Sorry about the slow updates-busy, busy, busy.

Xmas Special from now until the 24th of DEC. 2 Sideways Shop Decks with Grip for $79.95 plus tax.

We’ve also got a ton of new arrivals from Volcom, WeSC, Element, Nixon. To hard to post pics right now. Come in and have a look.

Remember, Xmas hours in effect.

Monday-Friday: 10a.m. – 9p.m.

Saturday: 10a.m.- 6p.m.

Sunday: 1p.m.-5p.m.

Questions/Request call the shop –> 709-639-5678

Getting Stoked

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This is a serious message for everyone during this holiday season. Please see the video below. It’s an easy time of year to get stoked.

Keep kids away from Sideways. They’re stoke dealers.

We also have rad-ass hoodies.

The second installment of our Top 10 Gifts, this time it’s the under $30 selection.  In no particular order, here’s our picks.

1. Gentle Fawn Adopt Clutch


Simple and functional clutch with a push button closure, clear id sleeve, and inside zippered pocket. $24.95

2.Nixon Reston Scarf in Lipstick

 The Nixon website says “50% pima cotton, 50% bamboo knit.”

Ohh, sounds fancy! $29.95

3. Volcom Splatter Wool Sock


Listen buddy, I’m only gonna say this once. If you’re wearing those striped tube socks snowboarding instead of snowboard specific sock like the ones pictured above, you’re blowing it. COME AND GET A PAIR. YOU’LL THANK ME. $19.95 

4. Volcom Atmosphere Tech Wool Sock

See above, only replace “buddy” with “girlfriend” and pretend there is a girl writing this. $19.95

5. Element Margaret Beanie

This beanie is deep. Like deep fitting. But I bet you could write some deep poetry if you were wearing it. We also have it in black so you could get deep and dark. $29.95

6. Spitfire Burner Bearings

Whooooo!!! Bomb some hills. $24.95

7. Sideways T-Shirts

Classic. Black tee, white Sideways logo. Not many left. Show some love for the SW/BS. Perfect stocking stuffer. Wrap it up, it’ll look like socks. But when opened, the recipient will not have to fake a smile. $19.95


Photo: Mark Colbert (Hope you don’t mind!)

We just got a re-up of S’NOT RAGS. They won’t last for long. Couple styles for little faces too. $29.95

9. Nixon Show Biz Wallet


It ain’t leather but it sure looks like it. Simple tri-fold design with 5 different colors available. Zipper coin pouch, cause the kids request it. $22.95 

10. WeSC Sverker Beanie

Simple and warm beanie from our fine Swedish friends at WeSC. Ribbed beanie with embroidered logo. Also available in green. $24.95


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Yup, last sale before the jolly big man comes. Check out the ad above for all the details.

Lots of new clothing and accessories from Volcom, Element, Nomis, WeSC, Gentle Fawn + others

New Skate hardgoods and softgoods from Spitfire, Real, Thunder, Thrasher, DGK, Element, Anti-Hero and more, including Mini-Completes from Real and Element

NIXON WATCHES ARE TAX OFF — New styles just arrived

+++++++SIDEWAYS DECKS ARE 2 FOR $79.95, FREE GRIP++++++++


Remember that section in  the Sears Wishbook? No, not the bra and panty section ya creep! The one with all the lame gift ideas for under $10, $30, $50 bucks? Toronto Maple Leaf house coat? Rock Tumbler? Electric heated car scraper? Well Sideways has some better suggestions this holiday season. In fact we have 10 for under $50, $30, and $10 bucks!

Up first, our suggestions for gifts under $50.00.

If you have trouble seeing all 10, click the post title.

1. Flip Extremely Sorry

This thing is like 4 gifts in one – Extremely Sorry DVD, Sk8 Dice, limited edition Vans shoe laces, and sticker sheets. How could you possibly go wrong? $39.95

2. Neff Cass Beanie

Fresh colors and a Pom-Pom? Very nice and only $36.95.

3. Nixon Wire 8mm Headphones in Red

Straight from the Nixon Site:

  • custom ergonomic fit
  • comes with 3 sets of silicone tips to customize fit
  • soft touch coating for easy handling
  • custom molded carrying case
  • driver type: 8mm
  • 1khz sensitivity: 106 db
  • frequency response: f20-20,000 hz
  • plug: 3.5mm stereo
  • cord: 1.29m rubber
  • weight: approx. 11.5g
Sick headphones, $49.95.
4. Gentle Fawn Fine Leggings
Comfy, stylin’, and available in Grey, Purple, and Black. $32.95.
5. Volcom Splaids Hat
Wool flex-fitted hat with 3D embroidery. Cool print too, $39.95.
6. Neverland from Absinthe Films
Absinthe Films never lets riders down. Year after year they produce the finest in snowboard cinematography. Check the teaser below, $36.95
7. Volcom Uptown Girl Infinity Scarf
Did you see the snow this morning????
Available in Black, Green, and Pink for $39.95
8. Nixon Pretty Vacant Scarf
Solid scarf. Well striped, but solid in the cool way. $34.95
9. WeSC Nuncio Beanie
This one is at the top of my list for sure, and I even have another color already! Cool classic looks and a Pom to boot! $42.95.
10. Element Tabatha Belt
Element always come through with great women’s accessories. Other cool colors available. No cows were harmed in the production of this belt. $34.95
Man, that’s a lot of great gifts. Drop in and have a look-see.