Top 10 Gifts Under $50

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Remember that section in  the Sears Wishbook? No, not the bra and panty section ya creep! The one with all the lame gift ideas for under $10, $30, $50 bucks? Toronto Maple Leaf house coat? Rock Tumbler? Electric heated car scraper? Well Sideways has some better suggestions this holiday season. In fact we have 10 for under $50, $30, and $10 bucks!

Up first, our suggestions for gifts under $50.00.

If you have trouble seeing all 10, click the post title.

1. Flip Extremely Sorry

This thing is like 4 gifts in one – Extremely Sorry DVD, Sk8 Dice, limited edition Vans shoe laces, and sticker sheets. How could you possibly go wrong? $39.95

2. Neff Cass Beanie

Fresh colors and a Pom-Pom? Very nice and only $36.95.

3. Nixon Wire 8mm Headphones in Red

Straight from the Nixon Site:

  • custom ergonomic fit
  • comes with 3 sets of silicone tips to customize fit
  • soft touch coating for easy handling
  • custom molded carrying case
  • driver type: 8mm
  • 1khz sensitivity: 106 db
  • frequency response: f20-20,000 hz
  • plug: 3.5mm stereo
  • cord: 1.29m rubber
  • weight: approx. 11.5g
Sick headphones, $49.95.
4. Gentle Fawn Fine Leggings
Comfy, stylin’, and available in Grey, Purple, and Black. $32.95.
5. Volcom Splaids Hat
Wool flex-fitted hat with 3D embroidery. Cool print too, $39.95.
6. Neverland from Absinthe Films
Absinthe Films never lets riders down. Year after year they produce the finest in snowboard cinematography. Check the teaser below, $36.95
7. Volcom Uptown Girl Infinity Scarf
Did you see the snow this morning????
Available in Black, Green, and Pink for $39.95
8. Nixon Pretty Vacant Scarf
Solid scarf. Well striped, but solid in the cool way. $34.95
9. WeSC Nuncio Beanie
This one is at the top of my list for sure, and I even have another color already! Cool classic looks and a Pom to boot! $42.95.
10. Element Tabatha Belt
Element always come through with great women’s accessories. Other cool colors available. No cows were harmed in the production of this belt. $34.95
Man, that’s a lot of great gifts. Drop in and have a look-see.

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