The second installment of our Top 10 Gifts, this time it’s the under $30 selection.  In no particular order, here’s our picks.

1. Gentle Fawn Adopt Clutch


Simple and functional clutch with a push button closure, clear id sleeve, and inside zippered pocket. $24.95

2.Nixon Reston Scarf in Lipstick

 The Nixon website says “50% pima cotton, 50% bamboo knit.”

Ohh, sounds fancy! $29.95

3. Volcom Splatter Wool Sock


Listen buddy, I’m only gonna say this once. If you’re wearing those striped tube socks snowboarding instead of snowboard specific sock like the ones pictured above, you’re blowing it. COME AND GET A PAIR. YOU’LL THANK ME. $19.95 

4. Volcom Atmosphere Tech Wool Sock

See above, only replace “buddy” with “girlfriend” and pretend there is a girl writing this. $19.95

5. Element Margaret Beanie

This beanie is deep. Like deep fitting. But I bet you could write some deep poetry if you were wearing it. We also have it in black so you could get deep and dark. $29.95

6. Spitfire Burner Bearings

Whooooo!!! Bomb some hills. $24.95

7. Sideways T-Shirts

Classic. Black tee, white Sideways logo. Not many left. Show some love for the SW/BS. Perfect stocking stuffer. Wrap it up, it’ll look like socks. But when opened, the recipient will not have to fake a smile. $19.95


Photo: Mark Colbert (Hope you don’t mind!)

We just got a re-up of S’NOT RAGS. They won’t last for long. Couple styles for little faces too. $29.95

9. Nixon Show Biz Wallet


It ain’t leather but it sure looks like it. Simple tri-fold design with 5 different colors available. Zipper coin pouch, cause the kids request it. $22.95 

10. WeSC Sverker Beanie

Simple and warm beanie from our fine Swedish friends at WeSC. Ribbed beanie with embroidered logo. Also available in green. $24.95


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