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I know it looks like Spring is around the corner, but it’s not. However, the Element Spring 2010 Collection has begun to arrive.

Here’s some selected pieces.

Eliza in Navy

Patricia in Purple

Netherlands in Natural

Peppertree in Navy

Appalachian in Black

We also have more colorways in some of these pieces.

More styles in the shop, drop in for a look.

Still tons of denim and other items on sale too!

Check the rest of the line here.


It’s impossible to not appreciate how amazing this part is. It’s a shame if you only see this on Youtube, it really needs to be seen in high quality. One of my all time faves.

Not sure how many of you know Guy Mariano’s story but here’s a glimpse inside one of skating greatest comebacks. Click the link below.

Guy Mariano 1 of 4

There’s a load of other Lakai based video on the VBS site. Be sure to check them all out.

Click the picture for the vid. Lookin’ pretty relaxed on that F/S Smith hardflip out.

I mentioned in an earlier post that we had some exciting new brands being introduced to the store this year. Here’s the first….

In 1993, Mike Carroll and Rick Howard thought they might have a better formula for a skateboard company— one that made products the team would be proud of and kept an atmosphere that was supportive and motivating. While it was a risk, they felt like they owed it to skateboarding and skateboarders to take that risk.

In 1999, facing a similar situation in respect to footwear, Mike and Rick introduced Lakai Limited Footwear with the same dedication and pride they have always invested into their skateboarding and the Girl/Chocolate brands. Simply stated, they are “The Shoes We Skate”.

Sideways is proud to present our first offering of Lakai Limited Footwear.

Telford in Black Nubuck

Telford in Grey Suede

Lucas in Black Suede

Commerce LK in Black/Grey

Biebel 2 LK in Burgundy/Yellow (Thanks to BTL for the photo)

Check back for some Lakai inspired skate video links later today……..

Ride Marble

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Check the details…………

With 13 trails open,the Governor’s Express running,  and  sun in the forecast, Marble is sure to be a great time for the rest of this week and even better this weekend when the western side of the mountain is hopefully opening.

Need some goggles? It’s gonna be sunny! We still have Von Zippers running at 25% Off.

Photo: Scott Grant Ronin Photo

It’s cold out. Like really cold. Still got that Sideways Gift Card Great Aunt Washername(God lov’er) gave you for Christmas? What?! Well why not come in and grab a WeSC Abdon flannel. Just named one of  “The  10 Best Flannel Shirts for Winter 2010” by Complex Magazine, we’ve got three colorways available.

Super soft flannel in awesome colors, not that scratchy, cheap stuff. Plus it’s meant to fit regular people, not huge giant lumberjack guys. Drop in for a look.

Dog Knows What’s Up!

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Yup, that’s Dog. He knows what’s up.

We’re having a sale this weekend at the shop. Here are the details.

  • All Outerwear and Goggles are at least 25% OFF
  • All Regular Priced Footwear is Buy 1, get the 2nd for 50% OFF the regular price
  • Selected Hoodies  are 25-40%  OFF

Drop in and check out the specials on your way to the hill or on your way home. Park is looking good. Big thanks to the volunteer park crew for their hard work.