Von Zipper Goggle Reviews + 25% OFF Goggles

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
Photo: Scott Grant roninphoto.ca
Here’s some quotes I heard this weekend while riding at Marble Mountain about Von Zipper goggles.
  • “Von Zipper goggles are awesome, wicked,  and deadly all at the same time.” – Kevin Joseph
  • “Wouldn’t wear anything else while riding.” – Jessica Avery
  • “If Chuck Norris wears Von Zippers you know they kick serious ass. You disagree?” – Chuck Norris, toughest being ever, best actor ever, most handsome man, G.O.A.T.(Greatest of All TIme)
  • “Scientifically speaking, they’re like a gift from another galaxy.” – Stephen Hawking, Science dude
  • “When I wear Von Zipper goggles, I see change, change for a bright, new future!” – Barack Obama, President of USA
  • “Way better than my busted ass shades!” – LeVar Burton,  as Jordi Laforge on Star Trek: The Next Generation

With 25% Off these amazing pieces of eye protection how can you not treat yourself to a new pair.
Or keep running you Dad’s old school joints.

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