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Check out the latest from the Zoo York family. All flow riders. Skateboarding is on a whole other level when dudes this good are just flow.

Skating rocks? Nah, Skating Rocks! Josh Keough Kickflip Photo: Dru Kennedy

Click the pic for the full view.

Josh Keough representing the Sideways. He loves them 7 3/4″ white ones. Decks just $49.95 with free grip and a mag, dvd, sticker or something else you’ll like.

With all the lights and flashes in that photo do Dru and the crew have something big planned? A video maybe? Hit him up on Facebook and tell him you want a full West Coast video.

Lakai Telford Shoe Black/Turquoise

Just arrived this morning, a new colorway of the Lakai Telfords. Already priced and on the wall, these won’t last for long. Come by and grab a pair, get a second pair of kicks from Fall 09 for 1/2 price.

Bout a week or two late on this one, but whatever. Lakai has released an App for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It features news, videos, products, team pages, ads and other stuff. And it’s free! Free stuff is awesome. Lakai is awesome. We also just received a new colorway of the Telford. Post it up later today. Here’s some screen shots of the app in action. Download it now!

Click the pic below to watch Mike Carroll, Tony Trujillo, Brian Anderson, Talent Manager Sam Smyth and Canadian boy Mr. Rick Howard shred the Crailtap Park. Imagine having this park for your break room at work.

Oh, and we have the shirt BA is wearing for sale at the shop. Just sayin.

The WIRE headphones are just what you’d expect from Nixon. Simple and stylish. They sound great too. Don’t believe me? Bring in your iPod and test ’em out. 8mm or 10mm with or without mics. Buncha colors. Pick up a set, plug them in, put on a Slayer mix and bomb some hills. Or walk the dog and listen to Coldplay or something.

Kinda old, but if you haven’t seen it yet here ya go. Featuring New Pro Eli Reed, Zered Basset, and Brandon Westgate who can ollie/grind/slide whatever most think is too high/long/hard. Remember, all Zoo York decks come with a free copy of “State Of Mind” while supplies last. That goes for both decks and dvds, Zoo products don’t last for long. Few sick decks left instock, all with great shapes. Come by and check ’em out.