Sideways 2nd Annual Fall Classic Results

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Phil Dawe: frontside nosegrind
Photo: Geoff Park

Little late, but here’s the results to the Sideways 2nd Annual Fall Classic that took place last Sunday. We had a great turn out and as far as I can tell it was awesome time for everyone involved.

14 and Under

1. Tristan Barnes
2. Nathan Piercey
3. Matt Banks


1. Scott Rowsell
2. Bowen French
3. Kyle Hackett

18 and Up

1. Brian (BJ) Randell
2. Chris Lake
3. Josh Keough

Best Trick:

14 and Under: Nathan Piercy
15-17: Bowen French
18 and Up: Phil Dawe

Chris Lake: Hardflip over the hip
Photo: Geoff Park

The judges did not have an easy time.

It’s always amazing when to see things never done at the park before  get busted out at the contest.  The best part is watching new younger guys come out of no where while the older guys I’ve skated with and watch grow up, kill it. The contests get better and better every year. Now just imagine if we had a concrete/plaza style park………

Corner Brook definitely needs a new skatepark.

Huge thanks to all the companies/people who helped out like Supra Distribution, Mehrathon, S&J Sales, Fist Fulla Fives, J.Osmond Design, Rips Chips, Life in Color, Geoff Park, Geoff Byrne, RoNiN Photo, Jordan Bennett, Dean Christopher, Dru Kennedy, Karl Windle for the flatbar, Josh Keough for the box, and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Thanks to all the parents/spectators/competitors. It’s great to see everyone come out and support events like these.

  1. Jason Hynes says:

    Brings me back! Glad to see that that the “love” is still going strong.

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