Gift Cards, We Got ‘Em!

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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We have gift cards.

Lots of gift cards.

We’ve had them for years! Perfect for stockings, friends, teachers, neighbors, kids, students, construction workers, nurses, psychologists, lumber jacks, skateboarders, sound technicians, lifeguards, airplane designers, sandwich artists, mechanics, guitar players, dentists, sommeliers, asparagus farmers, snowboarders,  snowplow drivers, hunters, lab technicians, Olympians, and politicians. Everybody else too. We offer them for almost any amount too. So if you wanted one for say $32.68, we could do that! Or $27.22! or $138.00! You know like the song! How pumped would you be to get a Sideways Gift Card with a Misfits inspired amount?! I know, right. That would be a really Merry Xmas.


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