We Got Goggles. VZ Goggles. On Sale. Now.

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Lots of sick powder these days right? Not so sick if your beat  UVEX hand-me-down goggles keep fogging up before you’re even finished the first half of Deep Bight or The Corkscrew! Sideways has the solution to all your goggle problems. Von Zipper! We’ve got all the models in lots of great colorways. Oh yeah, ALL 20% OFF! Last seasons are 30% OFF!

Feenom in Black Gloss

Fubar in Blue Translucent

Chakra in Mondrian Pink


Drop in to try a few pairs on and find that perfect fit. And check out that sick photo print Jordan just put up! It a sick one of ol’ Joshie Koeugh from this past summer. Big thanks to Dru for the pic, Ronin Photo for the print, and Josh for the guts!


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