So Fresh!!

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Summer is here and we got what you need.  Starting off with Vonzipper shades and going all the way to Spitfire wheels.  We have a ton of new skate goods like decks from Zero, Chocolate, Girl, Mystery, Slave, Flip, Allen Workshop, Habitat, Krooked, Real, Roger, Plan B, Zoo York, Element, Baker, trucks from ACE, Thunder, Venture, Independent, Destructo, Royal, and wheels from Spitfire, Hubba, Zoo York, ATM, and Allen Workshop.  So there is no reason to not skateboard this summer.  We also recieved  new soft goods from Four Star, WESC, Volcom and more.  Here at Sideways we like shoes alot, and we have a wall full of fresh shoes from Lakai, DVS, Vans, Habitat and Element.   So it’s safe to say that we have everything you need for summer, come on in and check it out!


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