Nixon Introduces “The Milk Collection”

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Welcome The Milk Collection, the latest addition to Nixon’s exclusive Chromacoat story.

All watches in The Milk Collection feature a rich, white top color that wears with age to reveal a unique gold layer undercoat. The unique and advanced applied finish, deemed Chromacoat, with “chroma” meaning purity of color and “coat” being the applied coat on top of the steel IP plating, Nixon’s Chromacoat is designed to age with the owner. Through normal wear, each and every watch with this special finish will mature with age showing the owner what a life well lived will look like, creating a completely individual and custom version of the watch.

Milk Collection models in the case at Sideways right now include The Player, The Small Player, and The Kensington.


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