Who We Are-Where We’re At

Skateboard and Snowboard Shop located in Corner Brook, Newfoundland since 1998. We have a great selection skateboards, footwear, clothing and accessories for guys on the main floor and gals on the 2nd floor.

Sideways Boardshop

33 West Street

Corner Brook, NL

A2H 2Y6

(709) 639-5678

  1. brian murphy says:

    Just wanted to say thanks again for the support you gave my son Jason when he visted your store on Monday.
    As you may remember Jason is making cross province journey on longboard. Since leaving Tuesday morning from corner brook he is now just outside of Springdale and camping down for the night. His trip will take him about 2 weeks. All is going well and the element shoes are holding up well.

    • brian murphy says:

      Spoke to Jason today August 14. He had just arrived at Grand falls-Windsor and was hoping to make it to Notre Dame park by night fall

  2. brian murphy says:

    Hi again
    spoke to Jason today aug 15 he was at Gander. he was experiencing some hot weather that slowed him down a little. His knapsack weighs about 40-50 pounds.
    He may try for a few more kms if it cools down.

  3. brian murphy says:

    August 16
    Jason took the first part of the day off. He rested up a bit and done some laundry early this morning. He got on the road late in the afternoon and will probably make it to Terra Nova Park. His spirits are still good and a few people have stopped along the way to offer him water and small snacks. Physically he feels in good shape, no cramping ect.

  4. brian murphy says:

    August 17th
    Jason stayed at Terra Nova last night. He was up and on the go early today. He hopes if the weather is good he will make St.John’s by Wednesday evening. Hoping to make Clarenville today

  5. brian murphy says:

    August 18
    Jason made it to Clarenville last night. He hopes to make it to St. John’s by Wednesday. This depends on the weather (it is calling for rain).

  6. Jason Murphy says:

    Hello. The longboard journey went awesome. I did have to skate in the rain for the last 2 days, but I made it home Wednesday night. Thanks again for the shoes, they lasted to the end. Going through Terra Nova and coming into St. John’s took the most out of them. The soles just started wearing through in the last 2 days. I’ll be uploading some photos and videos to facebook soon.

  7. Steven Walsh says:

    I made my own skateboard complete at the shop, in August 2009. Nice place and people 🙂 I want to go there every time when I go to Corner Brooke for summer vacation from now on. 🙂

  8. Steven Walsh says:

    Is it only 49.99 plus tax for a Sideways Logo shop deck?

    • sidewaysboardshop says:

      Hey Steven,

      For a Sideways deck it’s $49.95 plus tax. Free grip as always, plus a mag, dvd, stickers or whatever we have around and feel like throwing in.

      Have a good one!

      • Steven Walsh says:

        k, hopefully this summer i’ll go to corner brooke and make another complete with one of your Sideways Logo Decks 🙂

  9. Steven Walsh says:

    Do you guys sell completes too?

    • sidewaysboardshop says:

      Yeah for sure. Sideways completes are $149.95 and come with blank wheels, ABEC 7 bearings, and raw Independent, Venture, or Thunder trucks. Graphic completes are $199.95 and come with Spitfire, Gold, or whatever other brand of wheels you’d like, raw Indy, Venture, or Thunder trucks, and ABEC 7 bearings. We can ship completes too Steven if you’d like to order one. Just call us at (709) 639-5678 and we can help you out.



  10. Steven Walsh says:

    How much for an Element Skateboard Backpack?

    • sidewaysboardshop says:

      Hey Steven, give us a call and we’ll let you know what we have instock. Prices all depend on what style you’re looking for. Call 709-639-5678 and we’ll let you know what’s up!

    • sidewaysboardshop says:

      Just got some new bags in Steven. Give us a call, 709-639-5678.

  11. Steven Walsh says:

    How much for a pack of Spitfire Classic Bearings?

  12. Sean Tucker says:

    Hey I will be in Corner Brook soon i just might drop by to get a new board,

  13. Steven Walsh says:

    I’ll probably be in Corner Brooke around the middle of August and I’ll more than likely try to get one of your guys SideWays Completes that’re $149.95.
    Oh, and the Zoo York w/ Thunder Trucks I got from you guys like, a year or so before, broke just three days ago, so it lasted me a pretty long time! Thanks for giving me my first real board, a good board dudes at the Sideways Boardshop! 🙂

  14. Steven Walsh says:

    I’ll be in Corner Brooke around the 20th of August or so…
    Yeah, I was just wondering, do you guys have any Deathwish decks under 8.0 Inches, or are all they all over 8.0? I was thinking of buying one if you have any around 7.6 to 7.75 inches, and maybe a pair of Deathwish Shades if there are any there when I get there.
    Please Reply, Thanks.

    • sidewaysboardshop says:

      We do have a few Deathwish decks under 8 inches and still have some shades too. If we don’t have any instock we can always ship them to you!

  15. Steven Walsh says:

    Just as a question, do you know a good deck size for learning flip tricks with a size 10 to 10.5 shoe? I’m trying to learn some flips but I don’t know a good size deck to get? Thanks 🙂

    • sidewaysboardshop says:

      Hey Steven, it’s practice more than board size! But stick to under 8.25 and it should work out for you. All about practice! Good luck!

      • Steven Walsh says:

        OK, Thanks for the advice! I have a 7.5 West 49 right now, and i find it too small for moving my feet around and stuff, and I wanna get a bigger width deck 🙂

  16. Steven Walsh says:

    Yeah, do you guys ship products to people in Quebec? And do you guys sell any snowboards too?

    • sidewaysboardshop says:

      Hey Steven,
      We will ship anywhere! Give us a call. Sorry, no new snowboards this season, just some leftover from a few seasons back.

  17. Steven Walsh says:

    Do you guys have any Deathwish Sunglasses left in stock? and any 7.75 Deathwish Decks?

  18. Joey O Brien says:

    hey, (i am steven walsh’s brother by the way) i just wanted to know if you guys sell deathwish sunglasses during about the end of October and about the beginning of November?

  19. Joey O Brien says:

    Hey again.. 😛 ; just wanted to know what color of deathwish sunglasses you have and what color nixon wathces you have?

    • sidewaysboardshop says:

      Hey Joey,

      Best way to find out what we have is to drop in or call 709-639-5678. We still have some red Deathwish glasses instock, and waaaaaaaaay to many Nixon watches to list here. Let me know what your looking for and we can always try and get it for you.

  20. Steven Walsh says:

    Do you guys have any skateboard and snowboard dvds there?
    Just wanted to know for to give my parents some ideas for christmas.

  21. Laura says:

    do you have an email address ?
    i’m trying to find the ” cannon ” nixon watch and wondering if you have it ?

  22. Steven Walsh says:

    Hey guys love the new blog looks so dope 🙂

  23. Lindsay says:

    I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the service I received at Sideways yesterday. I took my 3 little boys in to check out the shop and the guy who was working (didn’t catch his name) was outstanding! Patient, polite, knowlegeable. . .just great! People like him are way too far and few in between in stores these days. Thanks again 🙂

  24. Steven Walsh says:

    whats up Sideways, hows the ‘Corner Brooke needs a new skate park’ thing coming? anyways just wondering if you guys have any Shake Junt or Deathwish snapback hats in stock, and any Sideways Boardshop t-shirts in stock.
    Hope to hear from you guys soon, and hope you guys get that new park.

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