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Sideways has a great lineup of youth outerwear from Volcom. Besides classic Volcom styling, they come with the same amazing features as the regular line. As if little rippers don’t need a powder skirt, ZIP-TECH pant to jacket interface, mesh lined zippered vents, and hood helmet compatibility. Gimme a break! They spend more time waiting for the bus, beating the streets, and shreddin’ the slopes than you do, ya lodge lurker!


All these jackets and more, plus a great selection of youth pants. YOUTH AGAINST ESTABLISHMENT! Volcom holds it down for the next generation of SHREDDERS!


Let It Snow! The Volcom Snow 2010-2011 site is now live featuring the full line of outerwear, softgoods, and accessories for men, women, and kids.

There’s also tons more like videos featuring riders, outerwear tech, and more. Check out the site, then drop in to Sideways to check out the gear in person. We’d be happy to show you our impressive collection of some of the finest outerwear available.

ZIP-TECH, T.D.S., and FACE-TECH? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it all.

Lots of great accessories from the fine folks at Volcom on the shelves and racks right now. More specifically, bags, wallets, purses, backpacks, and scarves.  Oh, and lunch sacks too. Always a perfect balance of style and function. Here’s a small sample of the goods.

More styles and colors at the shop.

Just had some great pieces from the Fall 2010 Element collection show up on Friday. Here’s a few selected items including some great short and long sleeve button ups, hooded plaids, and tees.

Sideways is pleased to present GO SKATEBOARDING DAY 2010 at the Corner Brook Skatepark. Starting at 5:30p.m. we’ll be having some small fun contests for anyone who wants to participate along with a BBQ hosted by the crew from CYN (Community Youth Network) with proceeds going to the skatepark. Drop down for a push, something to eat, or just watch some great skateboarding go down. Check the Facebook page for more details.

You might remember a few posts back I posted some video and snaps of WeSC Activist and Canadian Legend Russ Milligan(try and dispute that, I dare ya!). Well filmmaker Jeremy Petitt(North, Port Moody Blues, Forum snowboard videos, etc.) and Russ got together during the Vancouver Olympics to film this short. View it full screen to appreciate it in it’s full size.

As a Bonus, here’s a way better version of Russ’s Port Moody Blues section that I posted a while ago. You’re welcome.

Freshly placed on the racks yesterday, Gentle Fawn Spring 2010. This brand was very well received last Fall by customers and were really excited to see what they have to say about the Spring line. Really great looking clothes.


Lots more on the floor! Go for a walk and come take a look.