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Great skateboarding. Great Canadian skateboarding to be more precise. Sponsored in part by our friends at WeSC, Elephant Direct is the latest title from Jeremy Elkin and Jason Auger. Starring: Russ Milligan, Bradley Sheppard, Seb Labbe, Torey Goodall, Andrew McGraw, Justin Gastelum, Kevin Lowry, Pat O’Rourke, Mike Fyfe, and Marc Tison. Some of these names are more familiar than other but rest assured, all solid dudes. Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, it’s jam-packed full of skate goodness. The footage of the “Big O” in Montreal is amazing! Barry Walsh and Marc Tison are awesome. And Justin Gastelum? Who’s he? Just watch.

Click the picture below to go directly to the Color Magazine website and check it out. (Click the lil purple button)


Zoo in Van-coo!!! Check out Brandon Westgate and Chaz Ortiz destroying the Vancouver Skate Plaza and more.

The UK and Canada’s Atlantic Provinces are pretty similar when it comes to skating. Rough, grimey spots.Not the greatest weather either(Corner Brook aside, we’ve got pretty sick weather here most of the time no matter what anybody says). You can see it from the footage in videos and the photos in mags, they’ve got that rough, weathered ground that we’ve become accustomed to. Just takes an extra push or two. Here’s some inspiration for you on this not so sunny of a day.

Blueprint Make Friends With The Colour Blue Official Trailer

Blueprint Make Friends With Marty

Blueprint Visit UK Tour II

Palace Skateboards Promo

Slam City Skates Rat Signal

Last but definetly not least……. Everyone’s favorite ATV Scotsman,

John Rattray in Zero Dying To Live

Just a small sample of what’s out there. Have a peep on youtube and see what’s up. Skating is not just in California.

Here’s a few of the Sector 9 longboard completes we received this week. I’ve got a feeling with all the requests we’ve been having and the dry streets these won’t last long.

Sector 9 Joel Tudor Longboard Skateboard Yellow

Joel Tudor Pro Model

Sector 9 Ghost Tree Longboard Skateboard - White

Ghost Tree


Come have a closer look at these models and the rest of the boards instock.

Here’s a clip from the Tiger Distribution and WeSC Canada East Coast tour a few weeks back. Skaters/WeActivists include Josh Clark, Alex Gavin, Mike Fyfe, Kevin Lowery, Andrew McGraw, and Tony Manfre. From the looks of the video some great skating went down including the Stacked contest which the guys from WeSC snagged 1st Place. It’s pretty cool to see these guys promoting the East Coast scene, maybe next time they’ll make it to Newfoundland. Video from Brian Shannon .

Here’s what the Youtube says:

Z.Y. OFFICIALS – ANTHONY SHETLER, RON DEILY and Z.Y. FLOW RIDERS – DAVE WILLIS, JAMAL SMITH, ZACH FUNK, & TRAVIS GLOVER, hit up ZOO YORK’S “Am Getting Paid Contest” at Le Taz Skatepark in Montreal Canada in July 2009