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We’re back! The first ad of the year for the Corner Brook Needs a New Skatepark campaign was shot on Go Skateboarding Day. Taken in front of the new Corner Brook City Hall featuring just a portion of the crowd that came out for a great night of skateboarding. Dru Kennedy with the flick, J.Osmond Design with the layout/design.

We decided to try something new this year for the “Corner Brook Needs A New Skatepark” fundraiser. Continuing on with our collaboration,Sideways Boardshop and J.Osmond Design are asking for your help in raising funds for a new skateboard park in Corner Brook. A t-shirt design contest will be the deciding factor for this year’s tee, which will be retailed at and Sideways. The winner will be decided by a public vote, online at 1st place will receive a prize pack including their own design on a tee and hoody. But even better this is an opportunity to contribute to this worthy cause. Using your creativity to help the youth of Corner Brook get closer to their goal of having a safe, progressive place to have fun skateboarding.

All designs must incorporate the fundraiser slogan;


Please make sure to keep your designs to 1 or 2 colours. Tee colors available include; black, grey, white, red, royal blue, and kelly green.

If you are sending scans of hand-drawn work please send them in a hi resolution format. File types that are accepted are: .eps, .ai, Adobe pdf, Photoshop and .tif. Keep your Photoshop and .tif file to 300 dpi.

Download this blank tee template to apply your original graphic upon, so that we can get a relative idea of where to place it, and at what size to scale it. Please, remember to send in your template, tee color choice and your original graphic, which will be used during the actual printing process.

Designs that aren’t technically possible, over seam printing, for example, will be modified slightly to make possible. So please be realistic with your designs.. but have fun with it! Get creative.. enjoy!

Your graphics can be submitted here on this page up until the close date, July 15th. To upload your files, first register on our site so that we can keep track of all contest entries. You can sign up to the left of this message. Once you are signed up, and logged in, you will see a “File Upload” module to your left… Have at’er;

Wow, that’s a lot of info. Sideways will have paper copies of the template for those wishing to use crayons, pencil, water-color, or whatever else you wanna use.




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Good friend and Sideways Alum, Brian James(BJ) Randell is back! We’re all psyched to be working alongside him again, he’s got deadly stories.

Check out this line he filmed with Dru-ski this past summer.


Dru Kennedy. How can ya not love this guy? Awesome skater/shredder, filmmaker/photographer, and all around good dude. Been watching him rip since he was a little runt, and now look at the lil’ bugger. He worked real hard for this part and the rest of the Salt Beef video last winter. Take a few minutes and watch some great footage from last season. Can’t wait to see what he’ll put together this year. We still have a few copies of Salt Beef here at the shop for sale, get them while they last. Definitely a great XMAS gift. Enjoy.

We’ve had this ad ready for quite sometime. Huge ollie off the deck of a fishing boat  by Josh Keough. The dude never disappoints. Big thanks to Josh for the skating, Dru for the photo, and Pat for the access. Click the picture to see it full size. Sideways and J.Osmond Design are definitely psyched on this one.

Remember to vote for the Corner Brook Needs A New Skatepark idea on the Aviva Community Fund . It only takes a few minutes to register and vote.  It’ll really help our cause, and the community as a whole.


Cassel is no stranger to the Western Newfoundland skate scene. He’s been holding down for the P-dot for a long time now. Driving Peterbilt’s full-time, Adam is still in the streets holding his title as one of the best to come out of our region.
That bank is waaaaaaay steeper than it looks. Give it a try if you’ve got it in ya. Tight edit Dru.
“The second in a series of Skateboarding Videos featuring local skateboarders, filmed in Corner Brook to raise awareness that a new skateboard park is needed. Sideways Boardshop and J.Osmond Design partnered up to bring a series of ads and videos featuring local skaters showing their support for the cause. Adam Cassel throwing down on a steep bank. Filmed and edited by Dru Kennedy.”



Remember to vote for the Corner Brook Needs A New Skatepark in the Aviva Community Fund, right here. Only takes a few minutes and it’s for a great cause.

Nate worked for this one. Skinny ledge, very little run up, two trips, and dozens of tries for the make. I think you’ll agree by the photo that is was well worth it. Hailing from the Dirty South, but reping hard for Corner Brook (you can tell by the t-shirt). Stylish melon grab over the gap by Nate-lanta himself. Photo by Dru Kennedy.

The third in a series of ads for the “Corner Brook Needs A New Skatepark” fundraising/awareness campaign featuring Nate Allibone. A collaboration by J.Osmond Design and Sideways Boardshop.

I think it’s time you picked up a shirt…….

BIG THANKS to The Corner Brooker for all the support! You really should be checking that site daily to stay up on current events in and around the city. Best thing goin!

The first in a series of ads for the “Corner Brook Needs A New Skatepark” fundraiser. Tee’s now available here at the shop and they  are going fast! For more info visit

Karl Windle throwing down a switch Krooked grind, ( first try, I might add) at the Western Star ledge.  Photo taken by Dru Kennedy and it’s spiced up by j.osmond design.