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Enjoy past SOTY(that’s Skater Of The Year) Mike Carroll’s section from Lakai’s Fully Flared.

As a bonus, here’s his part from Yeah Right! from Girl Skateboards.

Gotta love these guys. Lots of clean cut and sew pieces mixed in with great tee prints and hats. fourstar is a staff favorite for sure. Pants, flannels, tees, hats, denim, crews, hoods, we got it all!

Volcom, fourstar, WeSC, Lakai, Nixon, DVS, Elwood, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Spitfire, Quintin and more. Flexfit, New Era, Snapback, 5 Panel, Mesh/Trucker, Military, Beanies, and more. Hats, hats, hats,  and more hats. So many hats. Like, lots of hats.

Seriously though, Sideways has an amazing selection of hats in the shop right now. No matter if you’re hesh, fresh, or somewhere in between there’s something for everybody.

With all the positive feedback we received last week we’ve decided to run the sale for another week. So, here’s how it works:

1. Buy a pair of  regular priced denim or pants.

2. Get any regular priced T-shirt for 50% off.

Two steps. Pretty simple. But here’s the best part. We’ve got an amazing selection of denim instock from the best brands on the market; Volcom, WeSC(My personal favorite), Element, Elwood, fourstar, and more. Lots of great fits and colors ensure you’ll get a pair of denim or pants that you’ll find hard to take off. And don’t forget about our selection of little people denim. Small sizes for little dudes that have cool people shopping for them. And for that matter, we’ve got denim and pants for extra tall guys and girls too!

Plus, we’ve got t-shirts from all of the above companies and more! Nixon, DVS, Lakai, Shake Junt, Gentle Fawn, and others.

There’s more too. There’s now a huge selection of ladies sale denim that was just marked down to $19.95!!!

$20 BUCKS FOR A PAIR OF JEANS!!!??? Yup. All sorts of styles, colors, and sizes too.

All kinds of new other stuff too. Drop in and have a good look. Then, get a good look.

Back to School is getting closer and closer and at Sideways the deals are getting better and better.  Tee’s Half Price with the purchase of any regular priced denim or pants.  With great brands to choose from like WeSC, Volcom, Element, Fourstar, and Elewood back to school shopping is something to look forward to!  Drop into the shop and check it out!

*Tee must be of same brand as denim or pants.

Never got to watch all the Maloof Money Cup this past weekend but I did see some of fourstar’s Shane O’neill killing the third section. Switch kickflip backlip. Down a 9 stair. In a contest. With $100,000 on the line. And all your peers and thousands of skaters watching on. Dude did a pretty solid job for his first pro contest. Should he have made the finals? Who knows, who cares.

Click the pic below to head over to the Thrasher site and check out some of the footage. Oh, and the fourstar Street Pirate Pocket t’s like the one Shane is sporting? Yeah we got’em.

Here’s a ‘lil tour flick from the Crailtap camp featuring the Girl team. All filmed in AUS/NZ this past Winter or Summer if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. Those guys can put off quite the demo.