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Why does Sideways back Lakai Footwear so hard? For one, they look sick. Two, they’re incredibly comfortable. Three, amazing for skateboarding. Four, they back some of the greatest skaters of all time. And fifth, they keep producing some of the best quality skate footage available.

Oh, and Dru says “you need oven mitts to hold them. They’re that hot!”

Funny he says that. Cause look at that picture below!

Check their winning entry for this years TWS Skate and Create. Entitled Lakairomania, Marc Johnson, Danny Brady, Rick Howard, Vincent Alvarez, Mike Carroll, and Daniel Espinoza all are featured in this web video.

Click the picture so the internet can do its magic and take you there.

Just got some new styles and colorways of Lakai for Back to School. Here’s a little look and a bonus little video for you entitled “We Are Your Friends” featuring Lakai/Girl/Chocolate riders Guy Mariano, Brandon Biebel,  and Marc Johnson. We’ll post some better pictures and more details about the shoes later in the week. People are hyped on these shoes, get ’em while they last!

Telford -All Weather Olive

Manchester Select Peat

Manchester Select Light Blue

Carroll Select All Weather Grey/Blue Suede

MJ-5 Grey/Red Suede

Here’s a ‘lil tour flick from the Crailtap camp featuring the Girl team. All filmed in AUS/NZ this past Winter or Summer if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. Those guys can put off quite the demo.

Just arrived late yesterday, more Lakai Footwear.

Mike Mo in Royal/Grey/Black Suede

Guy Hi in Black Suede

Guy in Green Suede

Rick Select Recycled Collection
Here’s some info on the Recycled Collection:

Reducing waste impact is a global responsibility. We have chosen to do our part by applying excess shoe materials that would otherwise be thrown away to selected styles each season. These styles will also feature soles comprised of new gum rubber mixed with regrind rubber waste, reducing new material by up to 40%. Expect unique color and material combinations from all of Lakai’s eco-friendly Recycled Program shoes. Breathe!

More to come later today……….

It’s impossible to not appreciate how amazing this part is. It’s a shame if you only see this on Youtube, it really needs to be seen in high quality. One of my all time faves.

Not sure how many of you know Guy Mariano’s story but here’s a glimpse inside one of skating greatest comebacks. Click the link below.

Guy Mariano 1 of 4

There’s a load of other Lakai based video on the VBS site. Be sure to check them all out.

New decks  and wheels instock from the Girl/Chocolate Family. Few pictured below, more in store. We also have new trucks from Royal.

Sean Malto

Mike Carroll

Gino Iannucci….Watch all ten of these episodes……LEGEND.