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We’ve got some awesome kids shoes on the wall from Lakai. Keep them kids lookin fresh!

Manchester Select

Mike Mo


Pretty sick video of the Volcom Stone-Age catalog shoot. Grant Taylor is pretty amazing as is the rest of the crew.

Click the pic below for the video.

If you don’t know, know you know…….

This part along with the rest of the Radio-Television is sick. The video has kinda been slept on. The team is stacked with some big names as well as some lesser known dudes.

Free Radio-Television DVD with the purchase of any $lave deck.

New decks  and wheels instock from the Girl/Chocolate Family. Few pictured below, more in store. We also have new trucks from Royal.

Sean Malto

Mike Carroll

Gino Iannucci….Watch all ten of these episodes……LEGEND.

Another great find on the interweb…… Lots of good skateboarding this week

Antoine Asselin from “Sus Monts”

Check out Chris Troy in Black Label’s new vid “God Save The Label” HERE

Stan Karbine

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Never heard of this dude before.

Very sick part from what I can assume is a Washington D.C area video called Stop Fakin.

And that last trick……….wow!

Some crazy skateboarding on the internet. Feel free to send any links of yourself or anybody else that you think people will enjoy. I’ll post’em up.


Chris Pfanner

Here’s a better version from the DLX TV site:

All Hail Cardiel!!!!

Andrew Allen

Bouns Spitfire Commercial!!!! (You gotta wait until 1:00 to see the wheels in action)

Just arrived, Element, Nixon and Volcom backpacks especially ordered for those returning to school in the fall.  Now you gotta ask yourself what type of bag you’re looking for?

Stylish packs for guys and girls? Of course we do, this is SIDEWAYS!

Skate bags? You know it!

Laptop bags? Yup, we got ’em.

You Surf? We got them surf sacks brah!

Tons of styles and colors, com in and check’em out.

Element Mohave red blk blue




This is just a lil’ taste. Come see the rest.

Volcom bags in tons of colors for as low as $44.95 

Large selection of Element bags for $54.95.

All Nixon bags are backed by a 30-year warranty.

More new men’s clothing from Volcom. And I know you’re going camping this weekend so that flannel is gonna be perfect for after the sun goes down and  you’re getting more wood for that huge fire. Look at Geoff Rowley, he hunts cougars and other wild animals. We have that exact same shirt here at Sideways!

We also have other colors and styles in stock as well. Dress shirts in new colors, new hooded sweatshirts and even a couple crewnecks for those who know.

Volcom Flanel


Speaking of Rowley, here’s his part from Flip‘s “Sorry”