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Brand new shipment of Gentle Fawn on the racks at Sideways. Lots of great styles including the following:

Wilderness DressSky Dress

Highway Dress

Lagoon Short

Little photo shoot on the stoop today. Dru’s got a fine summer kit assembled for himself.

Top: Girl Bass S/S button up in green
Bottom: Volcom Frickin Modern Chino pant in khaki
Footwear: Lakai Rick Select in Grey Recycle
Hat: Spitfire Bighead in Black/Green
Sunglasses: Von Zipper Elmore in Black
Beach Chair: Volcom

All available at the shop.

In celebration of Corner Brook Day, the East West North Festival, and all things Summer, Sideways is having a sale! Check the details below. The Summer Sale starts as soon as you finish reading this and ends Saturday,  July 24th 2010. We’ll be opening early too, 10:00am Wed, Thur, Fri, and Sat.


-Regular priced clothing



Nixon Watches


Volcom Swimwear 25-50% OFF

-Footwear up to 60% OFF

-Selected Skategoods on Sale

-Selected Clothing up to 75% OFF

Any questions, call the shop at 639-5678. See you there!

Remember those photos Dru posted yesterday of the new VonZipper shades?(If you don’t, just scroll down.)Well all those and more are now on sale at Sideways. Facemelt Collection included. The display case is fully stocked with the best styles and colors. Get yourself a new pair of shades for the weekend and score a deal at the same time.

So I just read on the VonZipper site that these sunglasses are great for riding unicorn. I though the Facemelt Snarks were just good-looking sunglasses. Boy was I wrong. See the description below.

“When you find yourself face to face with a unicorn, you don’t ask questions… You jump on sidesaddle and get ready for the journey of a lifetime. Embark on a mystic crystal revelation in the VonZipper Facemelt Limited Addition.”

Serious stuff. VZ designers must be on some Fear and Loathing type drugs. Think they’re any good for chillin with Sasquatch?

Just had some great pieces from the Fall 2010 Element collection show up on Friday. Here’s a few selected items including some great short and long sleeve button ups, hooded plaids, and tees.

Hey Girls,

Just thought I’d let you all know about the great selection of summer dresses we have on the racks right now. For wedding, the beach, or the bar, we’ve got something for everything in lost of great colors. WeSC, Volcom, Elwood, Gentle Fawn, Element, and more. Hard to find good pictures of this stuff, plus Dru and his new camera are off in the US of A so he can’t model them for you.

You really should just drop in and check them out. June is here and it’s gonna be a great summer!