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We’ve just finished putting a huge shipment of DVS and Lakai t-shirts on the floor. Lots of good standard logos and some nice graphic prints too. Here’s a lil’ peek….

Hart Tie-Dye

O.I. Emblem

Laced Joints

Skate Club 3/4 Sleeve


Tron 2
And we also got this fine piece of headwear.

A Lakai x Diamond Collaboration. Matches up with this fine piece of footwear.
The Biebel 2 LK Diamond. They should be showing up very soon.

With all the positive feedback we received last week we’ve decided to run the sale for another week. So, here’s how it works:

1. Buy a pair of  regular priced denim or pants.

2. Get any regular priced T-shirt for 50% off.

Two steps. Pretty simple. But here’s the best part. We’ve got an amazing selection of denim instock from the best brands on the market; Volcom, WeSC(My personal favorite), Element, Elwood, fourstar, and more. Lots of great fits and colors ensure you’ll get a pair of denim or pants that you’ll find hard to take off. And don’t forget about our selection of little people denim. Small sizes for little dudes that have cool people shopping for them. And for that matter, we’ve got denim and pants for extra tall guys and girls too!

Plus, we’ve got t-shirts from all of the above companies and more! Nixon, DVS, Lakai, Shake Junt, Gentle Fawn, and others.

There’s more too. There’s now a huge selection of ladies sale denim that was just marked down to $19.95!!!

$20 BUCKS FOR A PAIR OF JEANS!!!??? Yup. All sorts of styles, colors, and sizes too.

All kinds of new other stuff too. Drop in and have a good look. Then, get a good look.

Just like the image above says, we’ve got new Nixon Back to School clothing and accessories on the racks. All kinds of great products including tops(tees, tanks, hoodies), jackets, bags of all shapes and sizes, and more. Lots of great colors this season too.

Just received a bunch of new Shake Junt tees, stunna shades, hats and new Deathwish decks and shades. Street Warrior, Get Buck, Passion, Stencil, Code of the Junt and more. Last shipment sold out in less than a week, GET THERE WHILE YOU CAN!

More than great looking clothes with orange stencil hangtags, the Volcom Stone-Age Collection is inspired by and designed for skateboarding.

Available only at select locations and we’re psyched to be one of them. We’ve received our first Fall 2010 shipment this week including cords, chinos, tees, hoods and more.

Have a look at the video(click the picture below to follow the link) featuring some of the styles available in the shop.

Lots of sizes instock. Come check out all the pieces before they’re gone. The cords are especially nice…….

Just had some great pieces from the Fall 2010 Element collection show up on Friday. Here’s a few selected items including some great short and long sleeve button ups, hooded plaids, and tees.

Our women’s special are still going strong with a great selection of T-shirts at $14.95 or 2 for $25.00 and hoodies/plaids $29.95 or 2 for $50.00! Plus the sale section of the store has some great pieces from your favorite brands like Volcom, WeSC, Gentle Fawn, Element, Nixon + more.