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Why does Sideways back Lakai Footwear so hard? For one, they look sick. Two, they’re incredibly comfortable. Three, amazing for skateboarding. Four, they back some of the greatest skaters of all time. And fifth, they keep producing some of the best quality skate footage available.

Oh, and Dru says “you need oven mitts to hold them. They’re that hot!”

Funny he says that. Cause look at that picture below!

Check their winning entry for this years TWS Skate and Create. Entitled Lakairomania, Marc Johnson, Danny Brady, Rick Howard, Vincent Alvarez, Mike Carroll, and Daniel Espinoza all are featured in this web video.

Click the picture so the internet can do its magic and take you there.


This dude does……

Chocolate’s Chris Roberts in Transworld’s Time to Shine

Personally, I think it’s a solid graphic. But I’m a cat person.