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There’s a reason we stock the case with Indys. They are one of, if not the best, trucks on the market.

Evan Smith agrees.


We’re fully stocked with Girl, Chocolate, and Royal hardgoods. Selected pieces featured below.

New Baker decks, Destructo and Venture trucks, Momentum wheels and more at the shop.


Details on our Go Skateboarding Day event coming soon…….

New stuff just in time for the weekend and the Sale(See the previous post).

Decks from Baker, Real, Girl, Chocolate, Stacks, Flip, DGK, Anti-Her0 and more.

Here’s a couple…

Trucks from Thunder, Venture, Indy, Royal and more…

Wheels from Gold, Spitfire, Girl, Chocolate and more…..

Girl Deuces Wild Wheels - White Urethane/Purple

More stuff in the shop, check out the 12th Anniversary Sale!

More stuff on the blog later today….

New decks from DGK, Real, Anti-Hero. Hardgoods case is filled with trucks from Indy, Venture, Thunder, wheels from Spitfire, and Gold. More accessories and stickers too. Drop in to see it all.

Looking for a deck, trucks, wheels or anything else that’s not in the store? Hit us up on the SIDEWAYS SPECIAL ORDER HOTLINE (709) 639-5678. We’ll do our best to order it in for you ASAP. Pick up the phone, mash them digits, and holler at us! We’ll give you the lowdown.