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Why does Sideways back Lakai Footwear so hard? For one, they look sick. Two, they’re incredibly comfortable. Three, amazing for skateboarding. Four, they back some of the greatest skaters of all time. And fifth, they keep producing some of the best quality skate footage available.

Oh, and Dru says “you need oven mitts to hold them. They’re that hot!”

Funny he says that. Cause look at that picture below!

Check their winning entry for this years TWS Skate and Create. Entitled Lakairomania, Marc Johnson, Danny Brady, Rick Howard, Vincent Alvarez, Mike Carroll, and Daniel Espinoza all are featured in this web video.

Click the picture so the internet can do its magic and take you there.


The Thrasher crew just posted a Firing Line with Chris Pfanner. I’ve posted this dude’s parts before, he’s pretty amazing and always looks like he’s having a blast. Holding it down for  Anti-Hero, Spitfire, Vans, and Volcom, dude’s legit!

Click the pic for the link…..

Just got some new styles and colorways of Lakai for Back to School. Here’s a little look and a bonus little video for you entitled “We Are Your Friends” featuring Lakai/Girl/Chocolate riders Guy Mariano, Brandon Biebel,  and Marc Johnson. We’ll post some better pictures and more details about the shoes later in the week. People are hyped on these shoes, get ’em while they last!

Telford -All Weather Olive

Manchester Select Peat

Manchester Select Light Blue

Carroll Select All Weather Grey/Blue Suede

MJ-5 Grey/Red Suede

Girl Skateboards‘ rider Cory Kennedy gives us a little look inside his daily routine. Pretty cool stuff. Never thought about having to shovel sand from that beach spot. Guess Cali is not all its cracked up to be. Well I guess it’s still kinda better than snow. And how about that apartment? I guess the nollie b/s 3 on the star bank thing is pretty impressive too.

Never got to watch all the Maloof Money Cup this past weekend but I did see some of fourstar’s Shane O’neill killing the third section. Switch kickflip backlip. Down a 9 stair. In a contest. With $100,000 on the line. And all your peers and thousands of skaters watching on. Dude did a pretty solid job for his first pro contest. Should he have made the finals? Who knows, who cares.

Click the pic below to head over to the Thrasher site and check out some of the footage. Oh, and the fourstar Street Pirate Pocket t’s like the one Shane is sporting? Yeah we got’em.

So far Element is 2 for 2 with this Trio project. Levi Brown is the middle man and delivers a great part full of different stuff.  Push-backfoot-shuv thingy and nocomply back tail being some of my favorites. Big ollies and 3 flips too. Can’t wait for Darrell’s part on Friday.

This part came out on Friday from the guys at Element. It’s from the new online  flick Trio. The first part of three is from Chad Tim TIm. Often overlooked, Tim Tim is pretty  sick plus he’s approved by Dru, Karl, Jordan, and myself. Give this dude a pay raise!


Here’s his leftovers from the above video…..

Can’t wait to see the other parts from Levi Brown and Darrell Stanton that are scheduled to be released on the 21st and 28th respectively.