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We’ve gotten a number of request for WeSC Headphones since we first started carrying the brand. We listened, and now they’re available here at the store. They look awesome, sound amazing, and are incredibly comfortable. We have five styles in the case;  Tambourine, Bongo, Oboe, Flute, and Conga in an assortment of colors. Plus as an added bonus, all Headphones are TAX OFF All WEEK!

Just incase you haven’t seen the WeSC Headphone line before, here’s a glimpse of the models mentioned above.

Tambourine in Royal Blue

Bongo in Pale Grey

Flute in Port

Oboe Golden in White

Oboe in Vibrant Yellow

Any questions? Let us know. Bring in your Sony Sports Walkman, CD Player, MP3 Player, Gameboy, or iPod and  try a pair out for yourself.

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NL Snowboard is holding the first of two provincial contests this weekend.  The contest is sure to be a great event with competitors coming from across the island. We’re very excited to be sponsoring this event along with the crew from George’s Ski World.

The park will be in the best possible shape thanks to Marble and the Terrain Park Staff. So far this year they have kept the park and it’s features in amazing shape even with the difficult weather we’ve been having.

Get up there and get some runs dialed, the competition is going to be FIERCE.

For those of you wondering, here it is, straight from the WeSC website.

There is only one way to pronounce WeSC, yet despite numerous attempts and tries, some people say it wrong. So we thought we should simplify it a bit for those of you who aren’t already in the know.

So repeat after us:

Wi:, Es, Si

Get it?

Got it?


We just had our 1st Spring 2010 WeSC shipment of clothing arrive yesterday. Assorted denim, Icon tees, Overlay Tees, other assorted tees, hoodies, zip-ups, and women’s tops. Come take a peek, and remember, the sale is running till Saturday.

It’s cold out. Like really cold. Still got that Sideways Gift Card Great Aunt Washername(God lov’er) gave you for Christmas? What?! Well why not come in and grab a WeSC Abdon flannel. Just named one of  “The  10 Best Flannel Shirts for Winter 2010” by Complex Magazine, we’ve got three colorways available.

Super soft flannel in awesome colors, not that scratchy, cheap stuff. Plus it’s meant to fit regular people, not huge giant lumberjack guys. Drop in for a look.

Sorry about the slow updates-busy, busy, busy.

Xmas Special from now until the 24th of DEC. 2 Sideways Shop Decks with Grip for $79.95 plus tax.

We’ve also got a ton of new arrivals from Volcom, WeSC, Element, Nixon. To hard to post pics right now. Come in and have a look.

Remember, Xmas hours in effect.

Monday-Friday: 10a.m. – 9p.m.

Saturday: 10a.m.- 6p.m.

Sunday: 1p.m.-5p.m.

Questions/Request call the shop –> 709-639-5678

The second installment of our Top 10 Gifts, this time it’s the under $30 selection.  In no particular order, here’s our picks.

1. Gentle Fawn Adopt Clutch


Simple and functional clutch with a push button closure, clear id sleeve, and inside zippered pocket. $24.95

2.Nixon Reston Scarf in Lipstick

 The Nixon website says “50% pima cotton, 50% bamboo knit.”

Ohh, sounds fancy! $29.95

3. Volcom Splatter Wool Sock


Listen buddy, I’m only gonna say this once. If you’re wearing those striped tube socks snowboarding instead of snowboard specific sock like the ones pictured above, you’re blowing it. COME AND GET A PAIR. YOU’LL THANK ME. $19.95 

4. Volcom Atmosphere Tech Wool Sock

See above, only replace “buddy” with “girlfriend” and pretend there is a girl writing this. $19.95

5. Element Margaret Beanie

This beanie is deep. Like deep fitting. But I bet you could write some deep poetry if you were wearing it. We also have it in black so you could get deep and dark. $29.95

6. Spitfire Burner Bearings

Whooooo!!! Bomb some hills. $24.95

7. Sideways T-Shirts

Classic. Black tee, white Sideways logo. Not many left. Show some love for the SW/BS. Perfect stocking stuffer. Wrap it up, it’ll look like socks. But when opened, the recipient will not have to fake a smile. $19.95


Photo: Mark Colbert (Hope you don’t mind!)

We just got a re-up of S’NOT RAGS. They won’t last for long. Couple styles for little faces too. $29.95

9. Nixon Show Biz Wallet


It ain’t leather but it sure looks like it. Simple tri-fold design with 5 different colors available. Zipper coin pouch, cause the kids request it. $22.95 

10. WeSC Sverker Beanie

Simple and warm beanie from our fine Swedish friends at WeSC. Ribbed beanie with embroidered logo. Also available in green. $24.95

So just wanted to let everyone know that Sideways has Hoodies, but no Snuggies. Our hoodies, from brands like Element, Volcom, WeSC, Nixon, and Nomis also allow you to work the remote, talk on the phone, enjoy a snack with ease. But unlike Snuggies, which make you look like a crazy person, hooded sweatshirts look great! Plus you can wear hoodies when walking, snowboarding, skateboarding, partying, pretty much anything. So yeah. No Snuggies here.

Here are some acceptable alternatives.

Here’s a clip from the Tiger Distribution and WeSC Canada East Coast tour a few weeks back. Skaters/WeActivists include Josh Clark, Alex Gavin, Mike Fyfe, Kevin Lowery, Andrew McGraw, and Tony Manfre. From the looks of the video some great skating went down including the Stacked contest which the guys from WeSC snagged 1st Place. It’s pretty cool to see these guys promoting the East Coast scene, maybe next time they’ll make it to Newfoundland. Video from Brian Shannon .

New Outfit Girrrrllllll

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Ladies, you see what that guy in the previous post is wearing? Yup, pretty fly. Wanna top it? Here’s an outfit picked fresh this afternoon for you to rock this weekend.

Volcom Scrabble Vest in Silver

WeSC Karolin in Lingonberry

Volcom Firebird Matchstick Denim in Black Coated wash

Vans Wellesley in Blue/Print

Turning heads, breaking necks! Owwwwwww!

It’s Friday. You goin out? Dude, you gotta get a new kit!  Sideways gotcha lil’ buddy, how about………

WeSC Watson in Ultramarine Green

Volcom Black Zip Jean in Earth

Vans Half Cab in Black

Neff Downs beanie in Black

Come get suited up.