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Well not quite, but pretty damn close. Xgames Real Street parts are all now online. And with 3 riders putting forth awesome 1-minute video parts from the Zoo squad it’s almost like a new Zoo York promo. And the skating? With a chance to win up to $60,000 none of it can be considered throwaway.

Brandon Westgate

Eli Reed

Zered Bassett

And here’s Zered’s entry from last season


Fall skating is the best. Here’s some new skater planks we have on the wall. Your deck is shot. Come see us and get geared up with a new one.

Chocolate Decks (Shreddy Krueger is AWESOME)



$lave and DGK

Zoo York

More decks, trucks, and wheels too. The case is STOCKED! Drop in and take a peep.

Zoo in Van-coo!!! Check out Brandon Westgate and Chaz Ortiz destroying the Vancouver Skate Plaza and more.

Just got a big ol box of Deathwish/Shake Junt/Zoo York goods in the shop this afternoon. This stuff is not gonna last. Get it quick! Limited quantity of Shake Junt grip!

New Zoo York decks on the wall. EAST COAST!!! Awesome shapes and quality wood manufactured in Northeastern U.S.

Just a few of the Zoo decks we just received. Lots of sizes. Free State of Mind DVD with Zoo decks while supplies last.

Sideways has a Deathwish!!!!!! Awesome team, graphics, and wood. Free posters with Deathwish decks while supplies last.

We got lost more too!

Oh and this one too!

Shake Junt! Shake Junt! Bearings, Hardware, and GRIP!!!!! Only 10 sheets, Get There While You Can! For the homies, by the homies!

Tees, stickers, hats, shades, and more. Getcha Roll On!

A heavy metal legend for sure…..

This tune was awesome for Zered Bassett’s section in Zoo’s State Of Mind.

New stuff just in time for the weekend and the Sale(See the previous post).

Decks from Baker, Real, Girl, Chocolate, Stacks, Flip, DGK, Anti-Her0 and more.

Here’s a couple…

Trucks from Thunder, Venture, Indy, Royal and more…

Wheels from Gold, Spitfire, Girl, Chocolate and more…..

Girl Deuces Wild Wheels - White Urethane/Purple

More stuff in the shop, check out the 12th Anniversary Sale!

More stuff on the blog later today….

Check out the latest from the Zoo York family. All flow riders. Skateboarding is on a whole other level when dudes this good are just flow.