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Just received new Vans shoes for the guys and girls last week including TNT II Mids and Mid Cups, a new Chukka Low Orange colorway, and some  new girls Forty-Four Hi and Wellsey Hi’s.

Hard to go wrong with Vans, strong skate heritage and great looking product.

Cardiel, TNT, AVE, Layton, ROWLEY. Best dudes in the biz are backing them.

Era and Authentic’s have been around for decades and are still some of the best sellers. Open any fashion magazine and your guaranteed to find Vans on the feet of some of the models. Celebs? You know US Weekly and all those other mags have tons of photos of all those pasty dudes from New Twilight Diaries or whatever it’s called wearing Vans too.

Dirtbag skaters also wear Vans.

Check out the pics below and read the descriptions stolen directly from the Vans site.

TNT II MID Watermelons (Green)
The TNT II Mid is one of our team riders’ most requested shoes when their boxes are being packed. This shoe features a sidestripe and great colorblocking options, which result in endless color variations. The clean look and paneling work perfectly in the mid-cut design, which offers increased ankle support.

Chukka Low Orange/White
The Chukka Low was designed by our skate team. The inspiration was based on shoes like the Authentic and the Chukka Boot, using Syndicate features and technology. Every season we’ll mix it up with different riders to showcase the creativity and diversity of the team. The shoe is bound to be a classic and spotlights the timeless style of Vans.

TNT II MID Cup Black/Dark Earth

The TNT II Mid Cup evolves Tony’s most successful shoe and one of the best in our line up. The BoardFeel XD cup version of TNT’s classic mid-cut is an incredible blend of heritage and technology for Vans. Functionally, the shoe is lightweight, durable, and thin enough so you can feel your board but not bruise your heels. This shoe features a sidestripe and great colorblocking options, which result in endless color variations. The clean look and paneling work perfectly in the mid-cut design, which offers increased ankle support. The cupsole provides increased support and durability, with all the style you’d expect from a rock star like TNT.

Showdown Checkerboard Grey
The versatile Showdown offers unmatched appeal, borrowing from vintage wrestling boot, the new wave styles of the early ’80’s, and classic skate shoe alike. Strap them all the way up, or fold them down to reveal the plush pink lining within. Sturdy design elements include a gusseted tongue detail, over-sized grommets, vulcanized construction, and a waffle rubber outsole.

Wellesley HI Warm Coffee
Cool ’80s punkish hi-top with fold down upper. Interior fabric is plaid. Padded footbed. Canvas and suede upper. Rubber waffle outsole.

Forty-Four HI Blue/Green

The Forty-Four is a sporty shoe with unusual pedigree, combining elements from 80’s pop and contemporary skate fashion; their hi-top silhouette and checkerboard uppers and laces provide a versatile look that lends itself to a variety of styles. It’s also built for comfort, including a padded tongue and collar, and a durable cupsole that provides increased foot support.

Come have a peek, grab a pair for your Friday night kit.

So just wanted to let everyone know that Sideways has Hoodies, but no Snuggies. Our hoodies, from brands like Element, Volcom, WeSC, Nixon, and Nomis also allow you to work the remote, talk on the phone, enjoy a snack with ease. But unlike Snuggies, which make you look like a crazy person, hooded sweatshirts look great! Plus you can wear hoodies when walking, snowboarding, skateboarding, partying, pretty much anything. So yeah. No Snuggies here.

Here are some acceptable alternatives.

Weekend Specials

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Just a quick post to give you guys a heads up about some specials we’re having this weekend.

Buy 2 Tee’s, Get the 3rd for Half Price

Buy a Hoodie, Get a Tee for Half Price

Free Gift With Skate Products While Supplies Last

We have a great selection from brands like Volcom, Nixon, WeSC, Neff, Element, Nomis, and many others.

We also received a variety of denim and cords from Volcom in for both men and women. Lots of colors/washes and sizes including 34″ inseams for those tall dudes.

Von Zipper Goggles like WHOA! From standard solid color frames to wild, funky, steezee prints Sideways got’em.

New accessories and clothing from Nixon. Watches, beanies, belts, wallets, jackets, and cut and sew pieces from a true premium accessories brand.

Too busy helping people make important Christmas decisions to post pics! Come have a look for yourself!

And remember to check out the NL Snowboard Gear Swap at Corner Brook Regional High Cafeteria!!


They’re back…….

Tons of styles and colors just arrived! New styles like “Plaid’s the New Rad” and “Snake Skin” and classics like “Gang-sta” and “Professional.”  Locally handmade and awesome. How can you not get in to this?

ONLY $29.95!!!!!

$29.95? Yup, $29.95.

See the rest in the store…..Open till 9:00.

Quick post on a great Volcom Snow women’s piece, the Turbine Down Vest.



A down vest is a piece of outerwear that can really come in hand year-round. 600+ Fill means this thing is great for core warmth. The stuff sack is an awesome bonus and makes it even more . The amethyst(purple) colorway is stylish but not trendy and that a good thing cause you know Volcom gear is gonna last. I’ve had mine for over 10 years and it’s still kicking. Thanks Mom!

Only 2 left.

Only $199.95

New Holiday Hours

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Christmas is lurking around the corner and Sideways has decided to help Santa,his elves, Mom, Dad, Pop, Nan, Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife, Friend, Enemy, or anybody else out by extending our shopping hours starting this week.

Monday: 11:00-5:30
Tuesday: 11:00-5:30
Wednesday: 11:00-9:00
Thursday: 11:00-9:00
Friday: 11:00-9:00
Saturday: 10:00-6:00
Sunday: 1:00-5:00

Wow, that’s a lot of shopping hours. And remember, we have the best selection of outerwear, clothing, accessories, and Nixon watches.

Santa told me.


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Beanies. We got’em and you need’em. Nixon, Neff, Volcom, WeSC, Element, and others.

Here’s a sample, there are so many styles and colors here in the store it’s crazy. No, like really crazy.


Skateboarding WeActivists

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It’s cold out, but the streets are still dry. Make the most of a late skate season. Here’s some clips of  WeActivists. You know, the dudes that rock the WeSC gear.

Russ Milligan, one of skateboarding’s most UNDERRATED talents. Check his part from Strange Brew

Steve Berra. More than just that dude that runs the Berrics. He’s been putting out solid footage for a very long time.

Jason Lee from Video Days. Not Earl, Jason Lee.


And we’ll finish this post off with skateboarding’s favorite ginger head, Wieger!!!!!

Go put on some gloves, pull that beanie down over your ears, and go powerslide through some leaves!


More Nomis Outerwear

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We just recieved more Nomis Outerwear last week and it looks great. Bright colors, unique designs, and quality materials.

More styles/colors  in store. Questions? Hit us up, 709-639-5678.


The third installment of the Element Doc. is now live. This one has some classic footage that can still hold its own more than 10 years later. Barley, Markovich, Forbes and more of the Element alumni. Get schooled about the past team, logo, and a bunch of other stuff you don’t know but should about a company with deep roots in skating.