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Dru Kennedy. How can ya not love this guy? Awesome skater/shredder, filmmaker/photographer, and all around good dude. Been watching him rip since he was a little runt, and now look at the lil’ bugger. He worked real hard for this part and the rest of the Salt Beef video last winter. Take a few minutes and watch some great footage from last season. Can’t wait to see what he’ll put together this year. We still have a few copies of Salt Beef here at the shop for sale, get them while they last. Definitely a great XMAS gift. Enjoy.

We’re not a BMX store my any means. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have love for dudes like Don La Rose and Ryan Mardel. The boys RIP IT! Check their video edit from this past year.

And if you wanna see more check the youtube account for previous edits. Cheers boys!

Sideways has a great lineup of youth outerwear from Volcom. Besides classic Volcom styling, they come with the same amazing features as the regular line. As if little rippers don’t need a powder skirt, ZIP-TECH pant to jacket interface, mesh lined zippered vents, and hood helmet compatibility. Gimme a break! They spend more time waiting for the bus, beating the streets, and shreddin’ the slopes than you do, ya lodge lurker!


All these jackets and more, plus a great selection of youth pants. YOUTH AGAINST ESTABLISHMENT! Volcom holds it down for the next generation of SHREDDERS!

That’s right, new denim, from everyone(WeSC, Volcom, Elwood, etc.), for everyone. A huge variety of styles, fits, colors, and pricepoints. Skinny jeans? We got ’em for dudes and chicks. Organic? Duh! We used to sell hemp twine and dread wax! Loose fit? We got relaxed fits for relaxed folks. Boyfriend fit? Depends on what style he wears, but if you’re looking for loose fitting women’s jeans, we got those too. Selvage? A few pairs!

Basically, what I’m trying to get across here is that we’ve got an amazing selection of denim for men, women, young guys, and even little babies(rugrats my Dad calls ’em). If you’re on a budget this Christmas we’ve got a huge selection of women’s jeans/pants for only $19.95.

And thanks to Jordan for showing me this. It should get you in the Christmas Spirit. Happy Friday.

…….. Winter is here. That means more new outerwear, beanies, and accessories from Volcom, Neff, Nixon, and more. Whether you’re looking for a stylish street outfit, or a solid snowboard outerwear combo, Sideways got’cha!




Come drop in, say hello, and check out some of the great clothing on the racks today. There’s lots to choose from!

Sounds like the same ol’ boring Christmas gifts right? Maybe if you and your parents don’t know bout SIDEWAYS! We’ve got all the accessories mentioned above from your favorite brands like Volcom, DVS, Nixon, Lakai, Element, and more. Come check these out along with the load of other clothing, footwear, and more on the shelves!


     Starting 10 am this Friday (nov 12)  morning is our CHRISTMAS SALE.  With 20% off clothing, tax off jackets, pants, and Nixon watches, and all of our Von Zipper goggles are 20 – 30% off.  Sale hours are 10 – 9 on Friday, 10 – 6 on Saturday, and 1 – 5 on Sunday.  With tons of new stock from Nixon, Volcom, NEFF, DVS, and more.  There is something for everybody.  So don’t be a Scrooge and come check out the Christmas spirit here at Sideways!

* other great in store specials like sale footwear, 09 -10 outerwear,  and selected item on clearance!!!