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And the list continues! Here’s the next 5 of 20 Great Gift Ideas from Sideways!

10. WeSC 59Fifty W Hat

Had to include this one in here. 50% wool/50% visocse make this a great fitted hat for winter. Everybody working here has picked up and admired this hat. $54.95

9. Volcom Gloves and Mitts




This is just a sample of what we’ve got in the store. From light-weight pipe/park gloves to heavy duty GoreTex mitts, we got styles and colors. $49.95-99.95

8. VonZipper Fishbowl John Jackson

Technical goggle requires technical specs. Here they are:


The biggest fish in the pond, the Fishbowl is at the top of the goggle food chain. Fishbowl will remain comfortable and flexible in all snow conditions so you can be a fresh fish.

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Anti-Fog coated
  • Dual adjustable silicone lined strap
  • Fleece lined
  • Helmet compatible
  • Spherical lens (increases visual acuity)
  • Thermo-Polyurethane frame
  • Wide peripheral vision

Plus John Jacksons footage in Art of Flight was off the hook! Snatch these up. $164.95

7. Volcom Youth Outerwear



Jackets and pants for the little people in your life. As far as youth outerwear goes the Volcom lineup is awesome. Most companies  just use the same styles as men and womens’s stuff, size them down(which can give some funny sizing), and take out all the necessary features to leave you with a ill fitting piece of outerwear that is bare bones. Not Volcom. They keep the same great features found in the mens and womens line like Zip-Tech jacket to pant interface, Hood with Helmet compatibility, and mesh lined zippered vents. Don’t the kids Deserve it?! $129.95-219.95

6.  DVS MFM Westridge Boot

Sometimes sneakers just don’t cut it in the winter. Snow, slush, ice, all that nasty stuff can get those feet wet, cold, and uncomfortable. Great way to ruin your day right? Get some MFM Westridge boots from DVS. They’re a surefire way to beat what Old Man Winter throws at ya. $128.95

Last 5 items on Monday!

Lots of sick powder these days right? Not so sick if your beat  UVEX hand-me-down goggles keep fogging up before you’re even finished the first half of Deep Bight or The Corkscrew! Sideways has the solution to all your goggle problems. Von Zipper! We’ve got all the models in lots of great colorways. Oh yeah, ALL 20% OFF! Last seasons are 30% OFF!

Feenom in Black Gloss

Fubar in Blue Translucent

Chakra in Mondrian Pink


Drop in to try a few pairs on and find that perfect fit. And check out that sick photo print Jordan just put up! It a sick one of ol’ Joshie Koeugh from this past summer. Big thanks to Dru for the pic, Ronin Photo for the print, and Josh for the guts!

If it’s winter outerwear and accessories you’re looking for, Sideways has it. And on sale too. Jackets, pants, vests, gloves, and mitts all from Volcom. If it’s from the current season, 20% off. Last season or earlier, 50% off(up to 75% off in some cases!). No joke! Great looking goggles from Von Zipper at 20-30% off and some older models of  Anon goggles on super clearance prices. We also have new headphones from our fine Swedish friends at WeSC and new watches from the best in the biz, Nixon. Questions? Call the Sideways Hotline and we’ll help you out as best we can, 709-639-5678. Put those gift cards to use!

We’re running a sale on outerwear and goggles. 20-50% OFF all outerwear, 20-50% OFF all goggles. Simple as that. Great stuff from Volcom and Von Zipper including late shipments of brand new 2011 product all at a savings to you. So come on down, grab a new jacket, pants, and/or goggles and head up to Marble Mountain for their ULLR BBQ and Bonfire this Saturday.

With winter around the corner it’s the perfect time to score some deals on last seasons gear. We’ve got a great deal on a selection of Von Zipper goggles – 25% OFF! Styles include the Feenom, Dojo, Chakra, Sizzle, Trike, and more. Lots of great colorways too. Come check em’ out before they’re all gone!

Von Zipper Goggles 25% OFF

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With all this mild weather we’ve been having those of you with old, flimsy goggles with face foam missing and a crack in the middle of the lens are gonna have some foggy riding. Snow conditions are still pretty good if you’re prepared with the right outerwear and a solid pair of goggles. We still have some sick styles and colors instock from Von Zipper.  Feemon, Bushwick, Porkchop, Sizzle, Chakra, Dojo, and Trike goggles all on sale at 25% OFF. Can’t really beat that for a Valentines Day gift.

New footwear and light military styled jackets in store from Element. Check the pics below and drop in and have a look for yourself. Gatling looks like a great skate shoe right outta the box.

Don’t forget:

  • All Volcom Outerwear and Von Zipper Goggles are at least 25% OFF
  • ALL NOMIS Clothing/Outerwear IS 40% OFF.




Atkins In Charcoal

Atkins in Clove Brown